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What we do

MS Service specialises in the assembly of finished and semi-finished products – even complex ones to manage – for other companies. We have gained extensive experience in this sector over the years, which has allowed us to improve and expand this specific supply process.

We also specialise in home appliances and components both for home and professional use, which has allowed us to operate also in other sectors with excellent results. All this was made possible by our flexible organisation, which allows us to quickly change processes, settings, machining procedures, resources, and checks and provide our clients with a real-time overview of the production process.

Our resources in the quality department operate according to our clients’ specific requirements following existing instructions or creating and sharing new ones. If necessary, they can perform all the inspections with dedicated and calibrated equipment in compliance with mandatory electrical safety standards and reference sector-specific regulations.

In addition to assembling, inspecting, and managing raw materials and finished products in the warehouse, we also provide specific product industrialisation services, design dedicated equipment as well as finished products, from the aesthetic to the technical and functional aspects, and the packaging, which always includes the use and maintenance manuals. Moreover, we always take any request that may be necessary for a structured organisation into account.

We’ll evaluate the best solution for your supply with you, including the location of the production site based on your processing and production needs – e.g. lean production correlated to volume – while maintaining maximum flexibility in every aspect of the supply of products and services. We aim at continuous improvement, that’s why our supplies are always of the highest quality.

Since 2014, MS SERVICE has been developing its own range of products for the high-end restaurant and healthcare industries through two brands: PROKUCH and Health Department. These products stand out for their quality, elegance, and energy savings.


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  • Professional Home Use range
  • Educational & Cooking School range
  • Interior Design range
  • HO.RE.CA range
  • Home Cooktops range
  • Birra del Coppo.