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About Us

MS SERVICE is an innovative company based in Bastia Umbra, near Perugia. Tradition, innovation, and the passion of a group of young professionals are what make us stand out.

The company, established in 2012 by the Mencarelli family & Co., has become a benchmark in the machining sector and a reliable design, prototyping, manufacturing, and industrialisation partner for national and international companies in the refrigeration and cooking sectors.

Our current production and design expertise – even with reference to special silicone sealing processes and the electrical inspection of the finished products – focuses on the development of glass-ceramic direct/indirect cooking systems.

We especially focus on freestanding and recessed cooktops designed to meet any need relating to brands, materials, components, accessories, performance, size, and design details.

Since 2014, MS SERVICE has been developing its own range of products for the high-end restaurant and healthcare industries through two brands: PROKUCH and Health Department. These products stand out for their quality, elegance, and energy savings.

PROKUCH «Focus on Innovation», is our new brand of professional high-tech and design products for the foodservice industry and home use. We collaborate with the University of Perugia, UDS (Università dei Sapori di Perugia), designer Francesco Paretti and other interior designers, especially with reference to kitchen settings..

PROKUCH also makes bespoke home kitchens and provides distance learning programmes through multimedia workshops.

Health Department is the MS SERVICE brand that manufactures elaborate steel furnishings for the healthcare industry. It is also an official partner of Mercury Produzione Endoscopie in Foligno.